Our Vision

Our vision is to empower technology by innovation, creativity, simplicity and economically. We first don't create solution and then create market, rather our philosophy is necessity is mother of invention. Its our teams ingenuity to cover large scope of solutions over the various domains. Not only IT sector, we provide customized mechanical machines with embedded solutions.

Our Story

Its was in 1995 When Our Founder and CEO Mrs. Vaishali Pawar started developing interest in machines at age of just 13. Since then she never looked back and today she has developed over 100 state of art solutions in computing as well as mechanics. Being working as freelance consultant after her graduation she started developing interest in embedded systems and that was the day when she realised that power of embedded system and mechanics would get the brain and body of machines closer and voila GeniusNine was born.

Today GeniusNine along with its partners are over 200+ providing solution across various domains, helping business to build better.

Meet the Team

Meet the people who have made changes

Vaishali Pawar

Founder & CEO

The magician of embedded programming, creativity, designer.

Vaibhav Kadam

Chief Operating Officer 

The never stopping machine . You ask him and he ll get you.


Chief Architect

You ask him to for anything in Architecture